a rainy day with adam and esté

my friend adam is leaving for the united states today… he’ll have plenty time on the airplanes to think about these six months, but somehow i think he’ll be reeling for a while still.

he and esté wanted to take some pictures before he left so i volunteered to take some pictures. then i sang him his song and left feeling pretty sad. what an awesome young man… i’m so glad i got to know him. and i hope i see lots more of esté!este waits



church street



bistro pose

kap dit uit

ryneveld smile


red tree



crozier b&w

“and i say well i write these songs so i’m sure i don’t forget /and you say hell, i change these songs from one moment to the next…”


3 responses to “a rainy day with adam and esté

  1. Kyk net hoe beautiful is die kiekies!

  2. :) Dankie! Gelukkig het hulle ook baie daarvan gehou, dis die belangrikste :) Ek sou KLOMP goed nou anders doen though.. ek het vrek baie geleer uit die shoot!

  3. I never got to say thank you in the proper way for doing this for me.


    P.S: I am writing a story about you. About South Africa. I could certainly use some inspiration, some proper remembrances about our long and undulating time together.

    I wish I had gotten to know you better. Tell me everything you remember about us.

    P.S.S: Skype, soon. Now

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