esto ipsa overload

Hier is ‘n artikel wat ek vir die Huis ten Bosch-website geskryf het net na ons HK verkiesing 2008. Ek moes hom lankal hier vir julle opgesit het! Hier is hy nou.

Light and sound travel. So sitting at the Stembus Committee table right in front at Monday night’s HK circus, I was lucky enough to experience it all first. And I couldn’t help thinking, as I’ve only occasionally done in my time at Stellenbosch, “Wow… this is what Stellenbosch is all about.”

First, the room was alive with possibility. The koshuis engaged with a group of truly inspiring, inspired young women and for me it made for an electric atmosphere. There was an unspoken awareness that the candidates were being tested to our house values – respect, communication, an informed opinion, open-mindedness and responsibility. We spoke of leadership development and several candidates mentioned that even more young women, sitting in the audience, should have been up on stage with them. The evening was filled with talk of the future. With critical thinking. With growth.

Second, there was a healthy dose of silliness! The HK hopefuls were instructed beforehand to dress according to the theme “my inner animal… gone dancing”. Sitting in front of us were, among other things, two meerkats, a double-headed dog (or that’s what it looked like?), an eagle, a fish, a cat and a puma. Hmm… Colourful. (Borrel borrel.)

And lastly, I became aware of something more. Sitting there in their colourful costumes, some that I really love and some that I’ve only begun to get acquainted with, this group of young women were each living our house motto: Esto Ipsa, be yourself. The notion that we should each express our femininity in a certain style, or excel in a specific sport, is long gone in Huis ten Bosch. If I had to pick my candidates according to whether they could make a unique contribution to the HK team, I’d have to vote for all 15.

So I sat there thinking: We are building something good here. Okay, granted. It’s not perfect. Sometimes some of us “miss the bus”. And sometimes, including last night, we step on each other’s toes a little (maybe that’s part of the growth too). But mostly, we encourage each other to discover the seedlings in our hearts and water them. Together.

In short: this house has really shaped me into a flourishing version of myself. And that’s what Stellenbosch is all about.


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