Thanks, God! and Karen Zoid…

When you look at other people’s theses, few pages say more than the Thank You page. While briefly researching regional hegemony, I came across the thesis of my old classmate Thabile (aka T.O.), who had written as the first paragraph on his Thank You page:

“First and foremost I would like to thank God for all the conversations we had leading up to the completion of this study. Amidst all the loneliness of thesis writing you were there throughout.”

I enjoyed the frankness and the obvious familiarity of that line tremendously.

What also impressed me about Thabile’s Thank You page is its brevity. I’ve started writing a draft Thank You page and soon it was two pages long.

Maybe it’s because he really didn’t have that many people in his life to thank, and my thesis writing experience, though lonely, is turning out not to be as lonely as his. (At least not so far… I’m dreading the quiet, cold June/July university holidays, which will now also be sadly devoid of soccer excitement).

But another reason for the length of my draft Thank You page is that I’ve been inspired by Don Miller, who thanks several musicians for making the wonderful music that he listened to while writing his book Blue like jazz (which, by the way, is a wonderfully engaging piece of Christian biography). I felt compelled to offer a hearty thank-you to Aqualung, Karen Zoid, and AKing. Their music has been on repeat in my ears for hours on end.

I’d love to hear what Prof B has to say about that! On the one hand I’m very aware that he has a friendly, even jovial side. On the other he has kept this side neatly away from me, apparently frustrated that I spend too much time socially already. Sigh.

Which reminds me, it’s three days from D Day for Draft 1 of Chapter 4 (South Africa), and here I am, having a WordPress party. Let me go research the hell out of that South African civil society, and I’ll check back with you guys next week.


2 responses to “Thanks, God! and Karen Zoid…

  1. heehee :) i was going to thank Mumford and Sons in my acknowledgements :)

  2. Why didn’t you?

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